Scripting via Command Line

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When you start S3Express, the S3Express shell opens with a command prompt where you can type and execute all commands or copy and paste them, as shown in this picture:



But alternatively you can also run S3Express in automated mode, by passing commands to execute on the S3Express command line or via a text file.

The S3Express command line supports the following flags:


S3Express [commands, ...] [-exit] [-ini:commandfile] [-od] [-nm] [-h]


Command Line Flag



[commands, ...]

A list of commands. Separate commands with spaces.
If needed, surround each command with double quotation marks (").

S3Express ls

S3Express "put c:\folder\* bucket -onlydiff" "ls bucket" q

S3Express "put c:\folder\* bucket" "put c:\folderA\*.jpg bucket/jpgfolder/" q


Automatically exit S3Express once all the commands are executed. This is equivalent to having the command q as the last command.

S3Express "put c:\folder\* bucket -onlydiff" -exit


Load commands from file commandfile. Each command should be on a separate line. The file should be a text file saved as UTF-8 or ANSI , see also the command exec.

S3Express -ini:"c:\folder\mycommandfile.txt" -exit 


The file c:\folder\mycommandfile.txt must be a UTF-8 or ANSI text file. Each command must be on a separate line, e.g.:


put c:\folder\* bucket -onlydiff 

ls bucket

More examples here: exec


Load commands from file S3Express.ini that is saved in the same folder as S3Express.exe.

S3Express -od


The file S3Express.ini must be a UTF-8 or ANSI text file. Each command must be on a separate line, see example above.


Do not maximize the S3Express window at startup.

S3Express -nm


Run S3Express completely hidden. No console is shown and no user interaction is possible. Note that the -h implies the -exit flag, that is, if the -h is used S3Express will automatically close once all the commands are executed.

S3Express "put c:\folder\* bucket -onlydiff" -h


When using double quotation marks inside double quotation marks on the command line, the internal double quotation marks must be escaped by a \.
For example:
s3express "put \"g:\folder\folder with space\" \"bucket\folder with space\" -s -onlydiff -t:16 -minoutput -mul:50" -nm -exit
Alternatively the commands can be put in a text file (e.g. commandfile.txt):
put "G:\folder\folder with space" "bucket\folder with space" -s -onlydiff -t:16 -minoutput -mul:50
and then run with : s3express -ini:commandfile.txt -nm



Exit Codes


S3Express.exe returns 0 if all executed commands were successful. It will return 1 otherwise.