Command Shortcuts

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Command shortcuts are useful to map long commands to short tags and make it easy to re-issue the same command again and again.

For instance, if you use S3Express to backup your files to S3, instead of having to retype a long command each time, you can simply define a command shortcut once and use it as needed , like this:

c1 put c:\folder\  mybucket -onlydiff
This assigns the command 'put c:\folder\  mybucket -onlydiff' to shortcut c1.

Next time, instead of having to type put c:\folder\  mybucket -onlydiff just type c1 at the prompt and S3Express will issue the command put c:\folder\  mybucket -onlydiff for you.

Command shortcuts are customizable and will be remembered each time S3Express starts. Once a shortcut is assigned you can re-use it also the next time S3Express starts.

You can re-assign shortcuts or reset them when they are no longer needed.

S3Express supports up to 9 command shortcuts, c1, c2, c3, ... to c9.

c1, c2, c3 ... c9  (execute memorized command)

c1 COMMAND, c2 COMMAND ... c9  (assign COMMAND to shortcut c1, c2, ...)

c1 <last>, c2 <last> ... c9  (assign the last executed command to shortcut c1, c2, ...)

c1 <reset>, c2 <reset> ... c9  (reset shortcut  c1, c2, ...)

c1 +, c2 +, ... c9 + (recall memorized command)

cshow  (show all assigned shortcuts)


c1 put "c:\folder A\"  mybucket -onlydiff -keep  (assign command 'put "c:\folder A\"  mybucket -onlydiff -keep' to shortcut c1. Then just type c1 to issue command 'put "c:\folder A\"  mybucket -onlydiff -keep')
c1 (execute shortcut command c1. This will execute 'put "c:\folder A\"  mybucket -onlydiff -keep')
c1 <last>  (assign the last executed command to shortcut c1)
c1 <reset>  (reset the c1 shortcut, c1 will no longer map to any command)
c5 + (recall memorized command c5 to command line)
cshow  (show all assigned shortcuts)