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Amazon S3 command line utility for Windows. Copy, query, backup multiple files to S3 using the Windows command line.

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Version 1.2 (May 2014)

New Features:

  • Added –h command line switch to run S3Express completely hidden (i.e. no console and no user interaction).
  • Detect Windows proxy server settings and use automatically.
  • Ability to set a proxy server manually using command setopt and new option -proxyserver
  • Support 7zip as local encryption program.
  • Support a user-defined program as local encryption program.


  • Retry on request timeouts (treat a request timeout in the same manner as a network error)
  • Del command: do not ask for deletion confirmation if running simulation only.
  • Report a file size error instead of a timeout error if file size changes during uploads.
  • Made regular expression in S3Express no longer case insensitive by default. Use (?i) to make a regular expression case insensitive.
  • Switches –rinclude and -rexclude now apply to object/file names only, not to their entire path. To exclude or include objects/files based on path use variables ‘path’ and/or ‘s3_path’ in –cond switch.
  • The -reset switch of command setopt can now be applied to specific selected options only.
  • Ability to show values of specific options with command showopt.


  • Fixed issues with switches –d and –od in combination with switch –s of command ls.

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