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Version 1.3 (Jun 2014)

New Features:

  • Added support for object versioning to ls command (two new switches: -inclversions and -showverids).
  • Added support for object versioning in commands del, restore, getacl and getmeta.
  • Added new command restore which restores S3 objects that have been archived to Glacier storage.
  • Added new option -protocol to setopt command which can be used to set the communication protocol to http instead of default https. The http protocol is not secure, but it can be quicker in certain cases.
  • Added new variables to the list of filter condition variables. The new variables are related to S3 object expiration and Glacier restore. See help file for more details.
    The new variables are: s3_version_id, s3_is_latest_version, s3_is_delete_marker, s3_object_max_age, s3_object_expires, expiry_date, expiry_year, expiry_month, expiry_day, expiry_dayofweek, expiry_dayofyear, expiry_endofmonth, expiry_weeknumber, expiry_hour, expiry_minute, expiry_second, expiry_time, expiry_timestamp, expiry_months, expiry_days, expiry_hours, expiry_mins, expiry_secs, glacier_restored, restore_ongoing_request, restore_expiry_date, restore_expiry_year, restore_expiry_month, restore_expiry_day, restore_expiry_dayofweek, restore_expiry_dayofyear, restore_expiry_endofmonth, restore_expiry_weeknumber, restore_expiry_hour, restore_expiry_minute, restore_expiry_second, restore_expiry_time, restore_expiry_timestamp, restore_expiry_months,restore_expiry_days, restore_expiry_hours, restore_expiry_mins, restore_expiry_secs.

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