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Amazon S3 command line utility for Windows. Copy, query, backup multiple files to S3 using the Windows command line.

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Version 1.4 (Aug 2014)

New Features:

  • New option -purge for PUT command: delete files from S3 that do not exist locally. For buckets that have versioning enabled, the deleted files are kept as previous versions.
  • New option -purgeabort for PUT command: abort the purge operation if more than X S3 files are to be deleted.
  • New option -stoponerror for PUT command: stop upload or purge operation as soon as first error occurs, do not continue with the rest of the files.
  • New option -onlyprev for LS, DELETE and RESTORE commands: include only previous versions of objects (for buckets that have versioning enabled).
  • New option -minoutput for DELETE command: minimize the output shown in the console during a delete operation. Only total deleted files and eventual errors are shown.
  • New commands (these are useful for multi-command processing): OnErrorSkip, ResetErrorStatus, ShowErrorStatus, Pause. See manual for details.
  • New filter condition variable S3_prev_version_number: contains the previous version number, e.g. the last previous version of an object is the number 1, then 2, 3, etc.


  • When processing multiple commands contained in a text files, do not skip the next commands automatically if an error occurs.

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