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Overview of All Commands
mkbkt (create new bucket)
rmbkt (remove bucket)
getbktinfo (get bucket information)
ls (list objects)
cd (change working location)
getmeta (show object's metadata)
setmeta (set object's metadata)
getacl (show object's ACL)
setacl (set object's ACL)
put (upload files)
mkfol (create folder)
lsupl (list multipart uploads)
rmupl (remove multipart uploads)
del (delete objects)
copy (copy object)
restore (restore objects)
Authorization Commands
setopt / showopt
license (enter license)
exec (execute commands from file)
Other Commands
Filter Condition Syntax (-cond:"FILTER")
Command Shortcuts
Command Variables
Multipart Uploads
Scripting via Command Line
Exit Codes
Redirect Command Output to a File
Unicode Support (åäö etc.)
FAQ and Knowledge Base
How to Buy S3Express
How to Enter the License
License Agreement